In the end of Phase 3 at the Flatiron Software Engineering boot camp, I’ve decided to make a simple task managing app called Tasker. Tasker is mainly built with Ruby on Rails and demonstrated the some of the possibilities that can be built using this syntactic sugar of a language.

First, what Tasker does is allow you to Manage what you want to do, and added capability, add tasks to the missions that you want to accomplish, like organized steps in to finishing a project you set out to accomplish.

List of Missions and Completed Missions for the User Homepage

In the end of phase two in the Flatiron online program, I decided to create the Show Your Keyboard program using Sinatra. Basically, Show Your Keyboard is an app where users can upload images of their own keyboard. This project allowed us to demonstrate the use of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete), MVC (Model, Views, and Controllers).

To kick off the project I used gem called Corneal which helps set up the frame work of the project and helps organize the MVC, config file, place to setup the database, and includes a public folder in order to help style…

My Command Line Interface (CLI) project is based on Charities in certain zipcodes. This project really showed the relationships between objects and methods and how methods are chained together in order to give the CLI program direction of actions. The project also gave us the experience of using and IDE (Locally) and creating files in the bin folder and lib folder. In the bin folder, we are set with a setup and console file via a bundle install while starting the project. But, in order to “run” or “execute” any project, we had to create an executable file which is…

The First Mile is a two week assignment that basically gets the curriculum rolling in the Online Software Engineering bootcamp at Flatiron and this blog is one of the requirements for the First Mile. But what’s more important is probably why I’m attending it in the first place. There are multiple reasons as to why I’ve chosen to attend Flatiron. The biggest reason is giving myself the oppurtunity to be able to acquire a skill set that would allow me to create or be a part of a process or project bigger than myself. Another reason is to eventually find…

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